Brent and Lanie

Our Story

Rooted Kansas City, RootedKC™ is a Kansas City based residential redevelopment team dedicated to revitalizing old forgotten homes into new enchanting treasures. The husband-and-wife team’s designs aspire to preserve history and foretell futures through uniquely inspired designs.

Specializing in creating finished products that are both practical and extraordinary, Rooted KC™ began experimenting with their style shortly after marrying in 2010. In five years, they’ve lived in five different spaces, each being used to hone their creative design skills.

Draper Family

Once children came, they knew it was time to plant roots in a house that met their desire to live in an inspired home while also having the functionality needed to raise their two boys. While growing a family, they answered their calling to renovate homes and create distinctly conventional, maintainable and beautiful places for families to grow.

What was once a hobby had rapidly evolved into a lifelong passion to help others do the same … and that’s how Rooted Kansas City was born.

Draper Family